Welcome to SMART Fitness Training Centre

SMART Fitness is your No. 1 partner in achieving your health and fitness goals.

We are a premier provider of personal, intelligent, and comprehensive health, fitness, and lifestyle solutions designed for your unique needs and requirements.

SMART Fitness Training Centre is more than just a fitness gym. We are a team of skilled and motivated professionals who work to guide our clients in their journey to a healthier lifestyle.

This makes us different from other fitness centres and gyms in Dubai. We understand that this can be very difficult when done alone. This is why we make sure we are by your side throughout your journey.

We design comprehensive fitness programs to help you take the necessary step, in an ideal pace and level. We simplify complex solutions to help you implement it with ease and convenience. Backed by a highly trained and experienced team, state-of-the-art facilities, and high-quality tools and products, we are among the top fitness centres in Dubai for all your health and fitness needs.

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Facility of the Year 2015 up to 3000 members

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We won! Smart Fitness win Best Health & Fitness Facility 2015 & Personal Trainer of the Year goes to Smart coach Jarred Lowson. A massive thank you to our members...


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Look out for the special promotional discs on the Smart Nutrition products, exclusively available at Holland & Barrett, Dubai Mall. For each Weight Management supplement purchased, receive one month of...

Best in Woman’s Fitness

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We won! Smart Fitness were awarded 'Best in Woman's Fitness' for high quality products, information and services from Mother, Baby & Child United Arab Emirates. We are honored and extremely proud,...

Max Physick – Personal Trainer

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Through degree education in Sport & Exercise Science, further fitness qualifications and years of experience working with a wide range of clients and mentors, Max has built his knowledge of coaching...

SMART Nutrition Shop

Clarity Weight Management is designed to aid and assist your weight management efforts. Its whole food formula is scientifically formulated to support your weight loss regime. Research backed ingredients such as CLA, L-Carnitine, Zinc and Green Tea are renowned for their contribution to weight loss efforts.

SALE! 175.00 AED


Clarity Strength + Mass is a powerful formula designed to increase muscle mass and power during and after high intensity exercise. The addition of creatine monohydrate and a matrix of BCAA’s assist in the reduction of muscle fatigue, enhance recovery and rebuild lean muscle tissue.

SALE! 206.5 AED


Clarity Athlete has been scientifically constructed to support athletic performance, recovery and muscle maintenance. It combines high quality sources of whey protein which the body can use to repair muscle tissue and prevent unwanted muscle breakdown during and after intense physical activity.

SALE! 206.50 AED


Gym Memberships

SMART Fitness offers tiered membership options to give you a wide range of options which will help you better attain your individual fitness milestones. This is the biggest differentiator between SMART Fitness and other fitness centres.

The Company has endeavored since day one to give its members the best possible support through a complete package that helps to educate, support, and motivate.

Personal Training

Advanced Personal Training is one of SMART Fitness’s specialities and the core on which the company was founded. Our trainers are renowned for getting results by pushing their clients to be their very best every time they walk into the gym.

Emphasis is placed on a holistic training approach including carefully selected exercise programming, customised nutrition plans and vigilant monitoring.

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Group Programmes

Delivered by a highly experienced and highly qualified trainers these multiple week group personal training programmes are designed to motivate, support and ignite you towards improving overall health and fitness.

“Jarred Lowson’s eagerness to help me overcome this situation pushed me further. I wish to thank him for putting up with me; the nagging and the frustration on every training day, his patience, motivation, dedication and commitment.”



“Energetic, enthusiastic, committed and fun! I would use all of these words to describe Anna. Despite the very slight misgivings I have arriving at 6am at Smart Fitness, I seriously love and enjoy the training sessions we have together each week.”



“It has been a pleasure (and ass-kicking) to work with Jarred. Jarred’s dedication to my health and fitness goals are just as strong as my own and his ability to keep workouts challenging and interesting keep the mundane away from the gym.”



“Having trained for a few months with Jack, I am fully motivated and enjoying going to the gym. I have definition to muscles I didn’t have before and I am losing fat in areas where I didn’t expect to.”