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This article spends time with one of the Best Personal Trainers in Dubai, Mike Poole as we learn more about some of his top tips for Nutrition, Exercise and Psychology to get results in the gym…..FAST!

Are you ready? Good…

….Lets jump straight in.


Before we get to Mike’s top health tips, let’s start with this clip of him in the gym….. (Psssssst: Mike is a degree qualified, Ex- Professional Rugby player from Wales…. and a super doooper nice guy)…

Here’s a quick look at Mike’s background…


  • Bachelor Of Science – Cardiff University
  • REPs Certified Best Personal Trainers in Dubai – Level 3
  • Certified Fitness Instructor Dubai – Level 2
  • Sports Rehabilitation
  • Team Coaching (Rugby Specific)

Areas of Expertise

  • Strength And Muscle Gain
  • Weight Loss Dubai
  • Team Training
  • Mixed Martial Arts
  • Injury Prevention And Rehabilitation
  • Rugby Training And Conditioning

What his clients are saying…..

16115033_10155064537848319_4749186694065595172_nHanne & Marting Helweg:“Mike is a fantastic trainer.. His sessions are well planned out, creative and each session is a progression from the last… His personality is fun, energetic and encouraging, yet, he makes sure I work extremely hard every session…My body has changed so much over a short period of time and I feel healthier than I ever have…. I love training with him and would highly recommend his services… Thanks Mike!”


399665_386163751456679_2009780290_nAlison Ramsay: “Great Trainer, Great Results and makes me feel comfortable as a woman in the Gym. Mikes greatest skill is he listens and is then able to implement the right methods for me…. My confidence and knowledge of how to do exercises properly have improved drastically, helping my back pain and overall athletic ability at my time in life… Mike is a god send!”



Ok, now you know a little bit of Mike’s background, lets look at what he recommends as a fitness expert….

Here goes…

Mike’s Health Tips (For 2018)

My ‘Exercise’ Advice

  • Perform Compound Exercises in every workout!…..

Simply put, Compound Exercises are movements which require multiple muscle groups to work at the same time….

Ok, so…what does that mean for us mere mortals Mike?…. Well, this means if you regularly do compound exercises, you’re working more than one muscle group at a time, which increases the likelihood of building overall body strength, athleticism and muscle mass…

Basically, You look gorgeous if you do Compound Exercises….

Here are my top picks for Compound Exercises to get the best results.

1. Squats

I’ve broken down the squat separately for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels for safety purposes!…. It’s better to start with technique in mind and don’t be shy to ask for help at your local gym if you’re unsure…. A fitness professional should be patient and understanding at your level…. If you don’t get that impression, run!

A) Beginner movement: Body Weight Air Squats


How do I do this movement? Here is a video to show you how to squat properly. I strongly suggest you focus on perfecting your technique with body weight first, before looking to add heavy weights. I love getting fast results, however, build your foundation first and you’ll enjoy injury free workouts at the gym!

B) Intermediate: Dumbell Squats


How do I do this movement? Here is a visual & descriptive guide on how to perform this movement, courtesy of bodybuilding.com. Click this link to see the Dumbbell Squat in action!

C) Advanced: Barbell Back squats


This is one of (if not the best) compound exercise to do in the gym for building muscle, losing weight and looking like an athletic goddess!

I highly recommend you add the back squat, once you’ve mastered the correct technique… Guys, Click this link to see the back squat in action….Girls, click this link to learn how the squat is performed…

2.Barbell Deadlift


The Deadlift is a fantastic compound movement which needs to be in your workout routines!….Why?…. For more information and advice on the Deadlift, Smart Fitness offered a guide in another blog which I suggest you definitely check  out…. Click here to view it!

Personal Trainer in Dubai, Richmond Ferrer also did a short video on the Deadlift which I feel is a great starting point- click here

3. Barbell Bench Press


How do I do this movement? This guide from Bodybuilding.com shows you the technique, along with the muscle groups and a video on how to perform the movement- I suggest you check it out by clicking here!

4. Barbell Bent Over Row


The ‘Bent Over Row’ is a movement which adds strength and size to your back. Here is another video from BodyBuilding.com which takes you through the movement in more detail- click here!

5. Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press


Using a should press in your workout gives your body upper body strength and shape. Check out this quick video to see how the seated shoulder press is performed- click here!

My ‘Nutritional’ Advice

Now that you have my top five exercises for the gym, I wanted to show you the top 10 healthier foods to go with your exercise program!…. Here goes… check out a run down of the top 10 healthiest foods to add into your diet:

My ‘Psychology’ Advice

I want to finish on the Psychology of staying positive and understanding what happiness is (and is not)…

Focusing on building a clients self esteem is by far the most important part of my job, which is why my final top tip is all to do with Happiness…..

Check out this interesting infographic from Happify  which look at Happiness in more detail……


I hope you’ve enjoyed my top tips on how to stay healthy….. If you need additional support, I’d be happy to offer a Free consultation to help you with getting back on track….

mike@smartfitness.ae | +971 56 759 8843

Leave your comments below! Would love to hear what you think and any recommendations

Healthy Regards,

Mike & the Smart Team

Article: Best Personal Trainer in Dubai – Mike Poole (updated for 2018)

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