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Ever typed into Google: “Gyms Near Me”?….

…Hoping to find the perfect facility to get that ‘Gorgeous Beach Body’!

…With hundreds of Gyms in Dubai, what should you look for when picking the best fitness facility that works for you?

….Is location important?

….Convenience or Price?

….What about Friendliness in the gym?….

….Professional Standards & Guaranteed Results?

Here are the Top 10 things to look for before signing up for a local Gym in Dubai

Let’s jump straight in:

  1. Location, Location, Location!

It’s going to be essential the location of your gym is convenient or you’re going to fall off the bandwagon before you know it.

After a long day of work you are not going to want to spend a good hour fighting traffic, another hour working out and then another half an hour driving home. You wouldn’t get back until 10 at night! Instead, choose a gym that is on your way home. You will be much less likely to skip it and will feel guilty if you just drive by.

*Recommended Travel time:  12.5 minutes (25 minutes there & back)

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2. Personalized Services

If you’re going to find a gym to change your lifestyle, make sure it’s personalized. Most large commercial gyms focus on mass marketing, discounts & profits when thinking about their business model….

…We’d encourage you to find a gym in Dubai that has a smaller, boutique feel which focuses on you as the person. Most smaller facilities will go above and beyond with their personalized service as their focus is to retain members over a longer period of time..

3. Personal Training

A great sign of an excellent Gym is the quality of their Personal Trainers.

Ask whether the Personal Trainer has at least a Bachelors Degree in Human Performance and Exercise Science.

Find out if they have specialist qualifications in strength & conditioning, nutrition or rehabilitation from the top institutes globally.

Experience is also essential and how long they’ve been a certified personal trainer….

…..Speaking to their existing clients is also advisable as you need to make sure they’re achieving long term results.

Another extremely important part of picking the best gym in Dubai is to look at how long the Personal Training team have been together at each facility. If the gym attracts excellent trainers and can retain them over a long period of time, it shows a high level of professionalism within the facility.

4. Group Classes

Look for a fitness centre that has an innovative approach to group exercise.

Do they have small, personalized fitness classes which focuses on things like:

  • Your technique: 1-1 guidance
  • Personal nutrition plan
  • Scientific test & measurements to track your results
  • Personalized exercise plans
  • After care support- how much time do they offer outside of the class!

Studies have shown most people fail with an exercise program because they don’t feel supported. What most commercial gyms tend to forget is the psychological journey a person goes through to get back into shape. Losing weight is tough! And,… if you don’t have the support systems in place, it’s going to be an uphill struggle from the start.

Having a personalized group fitness program which has a passionate Personal Trainer, great group of likeminded people on the same journey and a full health package which are happy to give additional support is what you should look for.

5. Equipment 

Having the right equipment is an essential part of any fitness centre. It can tell you a lot about a gym and the owners mindset by what they’ve chosen in the gym. A lot of fitness centres will buy second hand gear, cheap exercise brands or the latest trends so that the focus is based upon profitability.

The following brands & equipment is what we recommend to look out for:

The best brands:

The best equipment:

  • Treadmills, Rowers & Air Bikes
  • Lifting Platforms & Barbells
  • Compound Lifting machines
  • Rigs & functional movement
  • Dumbells (weights from 10kgs-60kgs)

6. Friendliness & Atmosphere


Does the Manager know your name?

Are the receptionists friendly?

Do you feel comfortable with other members in the gym?

…..Does anyone really care about you as a new member????

It’s so important you surround yourself with a positive, energetic and results driven atmosphere where you feel welcomed and a part of the team.. It motivating and will encourage you to continue with a healthy routine, being around positive people.

Look at how other members interact with each other and whether the trainers are happy. Do you get a sense that woman are respected in the gym and could you see yourself making friends with the people who go there….

A respectful gym which has high standards can dramatically effect how you feel and keep you motivated.

7. Cost & Hidden Fees

administration fee, signing on fee, register fee, monthly fee, car parking fee….!!!!

… It never stops!

….Make sure the facility you pick does have hidden fees and a contract that ties you in to a long contract… It’s unnecessary and unprofessional to keep people in a contract that they may not want…

Focus on companies which keep you for the quality of their service, not a water tight contract…

8. Added Value

… You need a gym facility which focuses on ‘added value’ when you sign up. What extras do you get? Nutrition, test & measurements, fitness testing, technique analysis, free personal training session? Look for as much added value as possible…

.. Do the Personal Trainers help you after the session which you’ve paid for? Do they spend their own time to write nutrition plans, offer free sessions when you achieve results?

…. Is their a social network on Facebook and whatsapp for additional support so you can ask questions about exercises, food recipes or

9. Reviews & Awards

Has the facility been recognized for any industry awards? Do they have strong google reviews? What about Facebook?

Check whether their existing clients have left a review and read what they’re saying. If you find that they’ve been awarded for customer services and have strong reviews by more than a handful of customers then this is a good sign you’ve found a gym which has a good service to offer!

10. Guaranteed Results


You’ll never really know whether it’s the right gym for you until you try the services for yourself…

The best gyms in Dubai have a ‘Guaranteed Results’ contract where money is given back, if you’re not happy with the service…

..Ask before you buy whether the gym does a money back guarantee so you feel comfortable that they are going to do what they say they are…

Thats it!

I hope that helps….

When typing in: ‘Gyms near me’, think about what’s important to you personally and how this will effect the results you receive….

Added value, added support in a friendly year professional environment are all things to focus on…

With health regards,

The Smart Fitness Team


Gyms near me: UAE focused- Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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