An 8-week season, designed to transform ladies into athletes using training methods.



Level Up is Personal Training and therefore includes all the benefits of consultations, goal-setting, nutrition plans and regular check-ins but the training is delivered in a Group format, offering all the perks of mutual support, motivation and encouragement (and sometimes, healthy competition!)

The concept is to burn fat whilst building muscle using Polar heart rates monitors and proven training methods, including:
Circuit Training
Weight Training
Speed and Agility
Olympic Lifting


There is a huge focus on strength training - a component absent from most women’s training yet absolutely the most important and effective. With such intimate groups, this allows for a perfect environment for ladies to learn how to lift efficiently and safely, then get pushed to their limits to really tone their physiques and see improvements in terms of posture and strength.


Although lifting weights already burns calories, we send the fat-burning into overdrive with conditioning work! We use Heart Rate Monitors for maximum benefit, with plenty of variety using games, competitions, circuits, boxing sessions, sprints and agility work and more!


Aside from excellent training, your nutrition needs to be on-point too if you really want to see results. All women on the Level Up program will receive a complimentary consultation including goal-setting and measurements and a nutritional plan - based off your own personal goals, current physical condition and lifestyle


“My sister had been going to the active mums class at smart fitness and raved about not only the progress she saw, but the way the gym operated. It’s difficult to find a gym where you feel comfortable if you are not a regular gym goer.
The “Level Up” course sounded interesting, a challenge that seemed manageable and with an end date where results could be measured and documented.
The first class in, and I was hooked. This was due to a combination of factors.
Primarily the friendliness and welcoming nature of all the staff. No one looks at you in a judging way, the music is great and motivating and all areas are clean and organised.
The others in the class are so supportive and that’s thanks to the way the class is run and how the trainer Anthony encourages teamwork, partner work and creates a healthy competitive environment for us to strive to get better results.
As we focus on such a variety of exercise combinations to focus on different parts of the body, all the lessons are different and so it never feels repetitive. The classes are always challenging and really get you sweating, but the encouragement from everyone around you, especially Anthony, really helps you to push yourself to the very max.”

-Debbie Marino

”Following knee surgery in August 2018 I was struggling with my return to fitness. Being exceptionally impatient I pushed myself too quickly and had to take a break from crossfit to avoid any further complications. For a while was a bit lost with no structure to my training.
After trying one Level Up class I knew I was in the right place especially for my recovery. The class was the perfect blend of high intensity training and strength training and Anthony scaled any movements that were not appropriate for my knee without compromising on the quality of the session.
My goal for Level Up was mainly to increase muscle mass, especially on my legs (with a focus on my surgery side) and at 4 week check in I have seen great progress. I can’t wait to see where I am by week 8!
The best part of being in the Level Up Squad is the strong women I’m surrounded by every day. Whilst there is a healthy level of competition, every one supports each other fiercely and lifts each other up. A training environment like that is hard to find and even harder to maintain but Anthony and the ladies make it an unbelievable atmosphere!
I feel like Level Up has been an integral part of my recovery and I can’t wait to continue leveling up as I reintroduce my crossfit training.
I can’t recommend this group highly enough and would strongly encourage anyone of any ability or fitness level just to take the first step and join up, that’s the hardest bit. Everything after that you face as part of an epic squad!”

-Nikki Oliver

Level-Up Package:

AED 3000

Included In The Package:
  • 2 Months Training Centre Access
  • 3 Group PT Sessions (per week)
  • Tests, Measurements and Personalised goal setting
  • Nutritional Programming
  • Smart Bootcamp Access
  • *Price exclude 5% VAT


We’ll develop skills and learn new exercises together, play dynamic games and smash your own personal goals. There is a specific start and end date to each season! Meaning you’ll be on this 8-week journey with the same girls where you can find help, support and encouragement every step of the way!

The season price includes FULL gym membership at SMART Fitness and access to all other classes including S.A.S: Short and Sweaty!

A trial session with the group and an opportunity to come and meet the coach.


Achieve a leaner and healthier physique in only 8 weeks

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