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So following our previous blog ‘Your body is your machine’ by Coach Ashley, you have mastered HIIT and can grab a quick workout fix anytime.

But you now want that little bit more?

What next?

Booking in with a Personal Trainer or taking advantage of a Group Programme can really take you to the next level.

There are many reasons why someone may choose to invest in a Personal Trainer or join a Group, but in the ‘tightening our belts’ world we live in, a Personal Trainer can be seen as a luxury.

What many see as a luxury I see as a necessity – obviously, I’m a Personal Trainer.

But who doesn’t want to feel great with more energy and confidence…

…but how many of these ‘enthusiastic’ people actually follow this through? (not many)

…and when it really comes down to it, how serious are you about your health and fitness?

We all suffer from excuse-itus (too tired, too expensive, too busy, too hot, too hungry!) but being really honest with ourselves, are we happy and comfortable in our own skin and do we push ourselves out of our comfort zone to achieve great things?

This is where a Personal Trainer can really help…

And ask yourself this – have you ever regretted eating healthy or working out? No!

Your Personal Trainer is as personal as you are. Take advantage of free trials to make sure you work well with your new trainer (who will become a friend).

A Personal Trainer should invest in you, with a main goal to make you feel great by working with you to do the following:

Help you achieve your fitness goals

This may be to simply lose body fat, train for a sporting event or trim down for a special event, or… even more exciting – imagine changing your life!

Push you beyond your limits

With someone there to encourage one more rep, one more round, one more set, you will push yourself harder than on your own.

Achieve faster results

Focusing on consistency through planning and ensuring you are committed to workouts as this will ensure quicker results.


With an appointment to keep, you are less likely to skip workouts.

Safety and Knowledge

Having a personal trainer will ensure proper technique and injury prevention. The knowledge of a PT will also teach you new exercises, keeping your workouts exciting and fresh.


On the days where you just don’t feel your strongest, a PT will be there to motivate you and support you through your workout.

Ask yourself, ‘Am I better with this person than I am alone?’

A healthier, happier you is closer than you think.

Not just fit, V-Fit


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