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This article spends time with Personal Trainer Dubai, Richmond Ferrer as we learn more about some of his best tips for Nutrition, Exercise and Motivation to get results…..FAST!

Are you ready? Good…

….Lets jump straight in.

PERSONAL TRAINER DUBAI – Richmond Ferrer, BSc., REPs-3

Before we get to Richmond’s top health tips, let’s start with this clip of him in the gym….. (Psssssst: Richmond is a degree qualified, technical Ninja and a serious contender for the best Personal Trainer in Dubai!!…. He’s also…. a true gentlemen!!!)…

Here’s a quick look at Richmond’s background…


  • Level 3 Personal Trainer Dubai
  • Level 2 Fitness Instructor Dubai
  • BSc Nursing & Physiology
  • Kettlebells – Level 2
  • Circuit Training – Level 2
  • Olympic Lifting

Areas of Expertise:

  • Strength & Muscle Gain
  • Weight Loss
  • Functional Training
  • Core Strength and Stability
  • Group Training
  • Corrective Exercise
  • Cardiovascular Endurance
  • Personal Trainer Dubai: fitness expert in UAE

What his clients are saying…..

Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 4.51.16 AM

Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 4.51.31 AM

For more on Richmond’s reviews, check out our Facebook page:

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Ok, now you know a little bit of Richmond’s background, lets look at what he recommends as a fitness expert….

Here goes…

Personal Trainer Dubai: Richmond’s Health Tips (In 2018)

My ‘Exercise’ Advice

Technique, Technique, Technique!!…

In my opinion, everyone should focus on learning the basic exercise techniques first…. I know that’s an extremely boring thing to say…

…But it’s good advice if you want to achieve long term results, without hobbling around with back pain and a dodgy knee in your 40’s!!…

Learning technique shouldn’t slow your results for losing weight, gaining muscle or seeing an athletic shape appear… You can still get quick results and learn the fundamentals of exercising properly at the same time…

My exercise advice is to educate yourself on the best exercises to perform giving you a solid foundation….

And then repeat those exercises until you want to Scream!!!

Repetition Repetition Repetition..

Here are technique videos I created to help people with the basic understanding of how to perform compound exercises…

… A lot of people are visual learners and seeing the exercises can dramatically help you perform the exercise properly before you try it in the gym….

… as a prerequisite, start with a lighter weight (body weight in most cases), and build up to the movement….

Everyone is different and you should find the best way to perfect your technique…. In the videos below, I mostly use a barbell to illustrate the movements…. Depending on your starting level, you can start with easier movements which can be body weight exercises, pin machines or mobility exercises to build into the exercises safely…

… If you have any questions or individual help, don’t be scared to ask… I’ll leave my email below incase you want some support…

ok, here we go then….

Check out my videos for some of the best exercises you can learn in the gym….

  • Squat (Primary movement: Legs)

  • Deadlift (Primary movement: Legs/Back)

Related Article: How To Deadlift- The Technique Basics (2018)

  • Bent over row (Primary Movement: back)

  • Bench press (Primary Movement: chest)

  • Over Head Press (Primary Movement: Shoulder)

Last one!….. A non weight bearing aerobic exercise which can be used for High Intensity Interval Training and Tabata training…. Both great for weight loss and athleticism (How to do Interval training on the Rower- Click here!)

  • Rowing Machine

Ok…Yikes- Video overload!

Next up:

My “Nutrition” Tips

“Keep it simple”….

Everyone over complicates food….

  1. Don’t eat processed foods
  2. Eat a lot of Vegetables
  3. Stay away from Sugar
  4. Eat a plant based diet….
  5. Drink lots of water, not Wine…

I feel Nutrition is more psychological… we eat crap when we’re stressed and the battle is about how strong we are to withstand a Macdonald’s; ‘large fries n coke’…

I’m not a Vegan…. I love a steak and potatoes meal….. However, research has shown that a plant based, Vegan diet has the most health benefits when leading a healthy lifestyle….

I try to incorporate as much Vegetables into my diet as possible and believe this is the best advice I can give….

….Nobodies perfect and you have to find what works for you, although a plant based diet has too many health benefits to ignore…


Heres an interesting infographic to show what those healthy Vegans eat to illustrate why they’re the healthiest bunch on earth…..


My “Psychology” Tips

So: as discussed above, I believe Nutrition by the most part is psychological….

I also feel the same way about a person’s motivation to exercise…. How a person feels and the state of mind is the most important part of achieving results…

….You can achieve unbelievable things in your life if you’re compelled to do so…

Here is a 15 minute TED talk (with nearly 5M views) which looks at “The psychology of self-motivation“..

I believe whatever you do in life boils down to what motivates you to do it…..

….are to watch this video and consider what motivates you today…

If you need my help in any way then please give me a call…. I offer a Free consultation or can send you some personal tips on exercise or nutrition to get you started…. I’d be happy to help

richmond@smartfitness.ae | +971 55 755 8511

Leave your comments below! Would love to hear what you think and any recommendations of your own for getting results and staying healthy!


Healthy Regards,

Richmond & the Smart Team

Facebook: www.facebook.com/smartfitnessuae

Youtube Channel: Smart Fitness Technique Videos



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