An 8 week Group Functional Training Program designed and delivered by Aaron Small – a Master Trainer from the UK



The group program has been designed by Aaron to enhance each participants physique focusing on symmetry and functional strength. There are 3 sessions per week Monday and Wednesday at 8pm with an additional weekend session on Friday at 9am. Each session and season has it own unique objectives. With Aaron at the helm you can rest assured you will receive the education, motivation and tools required to unleash your inner athlete. Unlike other group programs Vitruvian is designed for both male and female participants as the Lead Coach has the experience and skill set to adapt each exercise and Advanced Training System to fit your individual needs.

What is included in the program?
-Fully Body Assessment
-Body Fat Analysis
-Functional Movement Screen
-Nutrition Guidance
-Educational Resources
-Closed Facebook Group with Exercise Routines
-Closed What’s App group with out of session support
-Full Gym Access
-Homeworkout equipment bundle

Functional Training
Advanced Resistance Training Techniques
Metabolic Workouts using Scientific Data
Strength Training
Olympic Lifting
Kettlebell Training
3D Flexibility

Functional Training

Multiplanar training has taken over the fitness industry in last ten years. Vitruvian uses functional movements to develop full body symmetry whilst embracing movement utilizing functional training equipment. The lead coach has drawn upon his 20 year fitness industry experience to develop a progressive program that not only manages pain and injuries but also improves performance.
How does Vitruvian do this?
Through its unique full body assessments with Functional Movement screens along with exercise adaptations by an industry leader!

Advanced Resistance Training Techniques

Unlike other training programs Vitruvian is designed to equip YOU the end user with the tools required to take ownership of your symmetrical body transformation. Your lead coach is not only a coach to general gym users but also aspiring personal trainers and fitness professionals. Aaron coaches you on advanced training techniques to improve performance and your own programming away from the group sessions. It truly is an education experience.
How does he do this?
The closed Facebook Page included in your 8 week package gives you short video tutorials on correct exercise technique and using those exercises in specific sequences to elicit the desired physiological change. For example Pre and Post Exhaust systems used to fatigue large prime movers.

Metabolic Workouts

Vitruvian uses the Polar tracking system to record exercise data. Your coach will give you additional support and calculations that are even more accurate as they adhere to the HRR or Karvonen Formula method. It is at this stage where the group program becomes competitive which is healthy as this element of either individual or group competition, acts as an extrinsic or intrinsic motivation technique. This is unique to Vitruvian and taken from Aaron’s experience in working with all ability levels from professional athletes to those seeking their first body transformation. This is crucial to increasing muscle tone and reducing body fat!


“I have worked with Aaron for last 10 years. From my time as an English Premier League Footballer then a Professional Boxer. Aaron helped me to enhance my athletic performance. He does this not just by training me but by explaining evidence based research and scientific approaches to training. His unique style and energy made this FUN. He explains the emphasis and approaches in simple language and uses analogies that always make me laugh. I found his coaching so much fun that upon leaving professional sport I decided to qualify as a fitness professional finding myself in one of his classrooms in Dubai. I can’t thank him enough for his help over the years and I am proud to call him my mentor and friend. I recommend joining Vitruvian as I can guarantee you will not be disappointed!”

-Leon McKenzie

“I have had a variety of personal trainers and coaches here in the UAE over the past 15 years. I decided to work with Aaron after a recommendation from a highly regarded fitness professional. I was told that he is a certified and experienced coach in Strength and Conditioning, Posture/Movement and Kettlebell training. Since working with Aaron I have learnt how to manage some structural spinal issues and execute a high quality Clean and Press. I cannot believe the improvements I have made in my lifts. He always plans high quality sessions using periodization and his delivery of Kettlebell coaching is second to none! He truly understands human anatomy, movement and exercise. I cannot recommend Aaron and his Vitruvian program highly enough. A word of warning he will challenge you to reach your potential!!!”

-Zoe Bray

Vitruvian Package:

AED 3000

Included In The Package:
  • 2 Months Training Centre Access
  • 3 Group PT Sessions (per week)
  • Tests, Measurements and Personalised goal setting
  • Nutritional Programming
  • Smart Bootcamp Access
  • *Price exclude 5% VAT


Yes that is correct you can attend one week of sessions for free absolutely no charge! All you need to do is contact the Lead coach fill out a health check form and attend your sessions. At the end of the trial you have the opportunity to book your full body assessment and functional movement screen.



Achieve a leaner and healthier physique in only 8 weeks

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